being human syfy posters.JPGForget “Twilight.” Our favorite vampires and werewolves (and ghosts) are from “Being Human” on the Syfy channel. Season 1 was absolutely epic (and this is coming from fans of the BBC show) and Season 2 promises to be even more so.

The newest promo for the show is pretty hot. We’ve got vampire sex (and Sam Witwer shirtless … cold shower anyone?), ghost sex and bloody werewolves in the woods. We’ve also got some fantastic lines. This show may be about dark things, but it’s one of the funniest shows out there.

Are you guys excited for Season 2? Are you diehard BBC “Being Human” fans? Trust us here. You can love them both and not feel dirty in the morning. We promise. The new season of “Being Human” begins on Monday, January 16th on Syfy.

Posted by:jbusch