And so we say goodbye to the first season of SyFy’s “Being Human.”

As expected, Aidan (Sam Witwer) recovered from his pseudo-staking — but that didn’t solve the problem with Bishop. The two had it out, vampire-to-vampire, and exercising some extremely Buffy Summers moves, Aidan decapitates his former buddy with an overly enthusiastic choking. (No, seriously, this was straight out of an episode of “Buffy.”)

Everyone is pretty thrilled about the de-Bishoping, but that will likely change next season when Aidan has to take over the vampire’s leadership duties.

Josh (Sam Huntington) remains blissfully ignorant of issues he’ll have to face when his girlfriend — who miscarried and found out his were-secret — let’s him in on the fact that he took a chuck out of her arm while he was changing. We’re well-versed in were-rules, and we’re pretty sure that means she’s one now too.

The real winner here is Sally (Meaghan Rath). Her door disappeared and now she can assume some corporal presence — picking up spoons and shutting doors and whatnot. There’s got to be a caveat around here somewhere…

So what did you think of Season 1? For the most part, we really liked where they diverged from the original series’ storyline and were happy about a few areas they chose to stay the course.  

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell