Interrogation isn’t what it used to be before “Believe.” In Sunday’s (May 4) episode, “Prodigy,” Skouras (Kyle MacLachlan) arranges for Channing’s (Jamie Chung) interrogation by alternative methods. See how that goes in Zap2it‘s exclusive first look video, “Mind Games.”

Elsewhere in the epiode, Tate’s (Jake McLaughlin) efforts to keep Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) focused on training get sidetracked when she has a premonition of a young musician dying in a car crash. Winter (Delroy Lindo) also has a lot to do with a contingency plan set into motion after Channing’s capture. Finally, Orchestra sees Skouras testing the powers of a newly discovered telepath, Dani (Mia Vallet).

The “Prodigy” episode of “Believe” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown