below deck crew season 2 finale on boat 'Below Deck' Season 2 finale: Will Jennice and Kelley make it work?

Poor Jennice and Kelley. Both “Below Deck” crew members have some great points in Tuesday’s (Oct. 21) season finale in regards to their boat-ship but neither is even close to being on the same page as the other. It is marginally tough to watch at some points, but it is also the most believable drama that the finale offers up as the final charter comes to a close. 

Jennice is already in a questionable emotional state due to her lack of a place to stay once off the boat and Kelley’s wavering about their relationship only makes it worse. But he has the right to not want to live together right off the bat when the season is over, and her pressuring him into looking for apartments for the both of them puts him in a position to hurt her feelings when he is obviously trying to avoid doing exactly that. 
Not that dating on what amounts to their inescapable floating office was a good idea in the first place by either party, but then being forced to make a decision on commitment or not before getting off the boat is a step further into crazy territory. Give him space, Jennice! It’s a surprise neither of them ended up in the ocean after a deck meeting. 

Until the end of the charter, most of the other crew stays out of the situation which is the smartest decision any crew member made for the whole hour. When a soon-to-be-heartbroken (and technically homeless) girl is continuously confronting an in-over-his-head deck hand the best thing to do is probably stay below deck and gossip about them. 
In no way is this meant sarcastically. Gossiping amongst the chef, stewards and other deck hands will always be the right choice when the other option is “try to sort out the feelings of two people with cabin fever” in any rational way. The latter choice will probably send someone overboard.
Jennice and Kelley part ways mostly amicable once the charter is over, with Jennice proving that her maturity wins out over her feelings for Kelley. Once back in the real world she will definitely be on her feet in no time, and maybe these ocean bound love birds will connect again on a future yachting assignment. 
For now, say goodbye to the Ohana’s official couple of the season with the clip below and hope both these yachties are back for more adventures in a potential Season 3. 

Posted by:Whitney McIntosh