ben and kate bad cop bad cop 'Ben and Kate' goes back to school for episode 2One of the potential problems with FOX’s new comedy “Ben and Kate” is that the free-spirited Ben Fox could easily turn into a sitcom cliche who causes problems every week. Thankfully, the second episode revolved around a problem of Kate’s doing.

Kate lied to the school board and said she and Maddie lived in Tommy’s house so her daughter could go a better elementary school — the one she and Ben went to, in fact. While she managed to avoid all school board members, Ben’s meddling forced her to interact with positions of authority.

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Since she’s a terrible liar, back to school night led to margaritas at Tommy’s parents’ house, where she sort of managed to keep up the charade. After everyone left, though, Kate realized she couldn’t lie anymore. Ben had realized that earlier, though, and left a message on the principal’s answering machine telling him the truth.

Kate finally confessed, but since the principal liked her and Ben so much, he let it slide. Hey, it’s a sitcom — let’s let this one go.

Other highlights of the episode included another scene with BJ and Maddie bonding, and seeing Tommy at work teaching little kids tennis.

Oh, and as far as euphemisms for sex go, Ben’s “playing chess” is clearly much better than Kate’s “making waffles.” Come on.

All in all, “Ben and Kate” is shaping up to be an adorable family comedy. What did you think of Episode 2? Did it live up to the promise of the pilot?

Posted by:Jean Bentley