ben and kate group shot fox 'Ben and Kate' premiere: What did you think of the family comedy?While FOX has the market cornered on quirky ladies (“New Girl,” “The Mindy Project”), it’s also got itself a nice lineup of quirky family comedies too (“Raising Hope,” the entire Sunday night Animation Domination lineup). With “Ben and Kate,” the network has combined the two genres into one adorable sitcom.

The debut episode featured our single mom, Kate (Dakota Johnson) and her wayward, young-at-heart brother, Ben (Nat Faxon) reuniting in their childhood home to raise Kate’s young daughter, Maddie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones), together. The family unit has great chemistry together, and we genuinely like them right away (which means we’re rooting for them).

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Adding another layer of fun are Lucy Punch and Echo Kellum as Kate and Ben’s friends. Both are wacky yet grounded enough to be relatable — great foils for Ben and Kate and Maddie.

“When you do a pilot, you don’t know if you’ve accidentally caught lightning in a bottle,” creator Dana Fox tells Zap2it ahead of her show’s premiere.

So, what did you think of the premiere? Did she catch that lightning? Will you tune in for more episodes or was that enough “Ben and Kate” for you?

Posted by:Jean Bentley