What could possibly be more stressful than gathering with family for Thanksgiving? How about gathering with old high-school classmates? That’s exactly what “Ben and Kate” faces in the show’s Thanksgiving episode, “Reunion.”

But it’s not all parties and big family dinners. Oh no — there are some major relationship issues that need to be worked out before the holiday can end. Also, there’s a turkey named Keith.

Both Ben (Nat Faxon) and Kate (Dakota Johnson) have some complicated things they need to say with regard to their respective relationships. For Ben, this means mentioning to his sister that — at some point in the past — he actually married their mutual friend, BJ (Lucy Punch). Thanks to mail from the IRS, this secret seems about ready to be exposed.

As for Kate, the issues are just as problematic, if not quite so secretive. She has been seeing her neighbor, Will (guest star Geoff Stults), for awhile now, but she just can’t get the guy to actually say that they are dating. You can’t call someone a boyfriend until he says it first.

All of this relationship drama gets to mix in with high-school reunion awfulness (“Jesus Christ, Superstar” gets sung, for Pete’s sake!) and Thanksgiving craziness. That last part is where Keith the Turkey comes in.

Want to get a look for yourself before the episode airs on Tuesday, Nov. 20? Check out the videos.

“You Know How I Do”

“Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fox”

“Sweet Keith”

“The Big Guy”

“Junk Face”

Posted by:Laurel Brown