ben and kate tca maggie elizabeth jones gi 'Ben and Kate' star Maggie Elizabeth Jones will upstage her costars no matter whatThere are pros and cons to working with child actors, but one thing’s for sure: When you’re working with a kid as adorable as Maggie Elizabeth Jones, you’re certain to be upstaged every time she’s in a scene. That’s something the 8-year-old’s “Ben and Kate” costars have come to terms with.

“I think we’re just going to have to succumb to the fact that we’re not as adorable [as she is],” admits Nat Faxon to reporters at the 2012 summer Television Critics Association press tour.

Creator Dana Fox jokes that the actors didn’t realize they would be overshadowed by such an adorable little girl, so they’ll have to compensate by putting her out of focus and pushing her aside in scenes.

Just kidding, they’re gonna use that gorgeous kid as much as they can. That cute factor can actually be a tool for the rest of the show.

“She’s just a smart bomb of cuteness that explodes in your face that it allows us to become edgier with the rest of the show,” Fox says.

But aside from her cuteness, Jones is actually a great actress. “She’s very naturally funny and good at improvising,” says costar Lucy Punch. The pair improvised a scene in the pilot where Punch’s character gave Jones a makeover, and Punch says Jones tripped her up. “When you’re working with an adult you just go with it, and Maggie was saying stuff and it was stopping me. I was like, ‘Where does this come from?'”

“Ben and Kate” premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 8:30 on FOX.

Posted by:Jean Bentley