Do you remember Career Day when you were in school? That one day in which every kid strived to have the parent with the coolest job?

Me neither. But they happen all of the time on television, and the next “Ben and Kate” episode revolves around the stresses and high expectations of “Career Day.” A few preview videos from the episode give us an idea of what we can expect.

“Ben and Kate” being the show it is, not everything in the entire episode has to do with young Maddie’s classroom activities. We also get to see Kate (Dakota Johnson) as she ever-so-slowly begins a potential new relationship with a hot, Captain America-like neighbor (guest star Geoff Stults). Of course, Ben (Nat Faxon) has to “help.”

His help isn’t really helpful.

BJ (Lucy Punch) shows up in clips from “Career Day” as well, but she does not help either. She doesn’t even try. Instead, BJ’s purpose — as far as can be ascertained from a few short videos — is to provide purposeless commentary for those around her. This is especially unfortunate for a restaurant cook by the name of Kenny.

Kenny. Kenny. Kenny. Kenny. Kenny. Kenny…

Posted by:Laurel Brown