The new clip reel for FOX’s fall comedy “Ben and Kate” scans like a trailer for the next Judd Apatow-enabled rom-com to hit the big screen. The action centers on Ben (Nat Faxon — who coincidentally co-wrote the Academy Award-winning “The Descendants”) and Kate (Dakota Johnson) — a brother and sister who “raised each other, but only one grew up.”

Kate is a single mom trying to fight her way back into dating. Ben is a mess who blows back into town to stop his ex-girlfriend from marrying some other dude. Along the way, they help each other grow a little bit more. Awwwww! Did we mention that Ben and Kate’s fictional last name is — we kid you not — Fox?

But since the trailer — and the pilot we assume — functions as a self-contained story will the show have legs?

That remains to be seen… on Tuesdays this fall.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson