benedict cumberbatch sherlock fan Benedict Cumberbatch makes 'Sherlock' fan very, very happy“Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch is an extraordinary man, that is an incontrovertible fact. If you dare to doubt, read on for today’s most aw-worthy story.

On her Tumblr account, a Cumberbatch fan named Emily (obviously a very bright girl) describes a heartwarming recent encounter with the British actor in New Orleans.

Emily, a Las Cruces, N.M., native visiting the Big Easy for a volunteering conference, approached Yumberbatch (as we like to call him) at a local ice cream shop. (He ordered “some sort of coffee flavour I believe but not 100% sure in a waffle cone,” notes his observant fan.)

Here’s Emily’s gushing description of the chance meeting:

“He breaks out into this huge grin and kinda looks at the floor and says ‘thank you!’ and I’m clutching my phone and I say ‘I’m sorry, but could I get a picture with you?’ and he says “of course!’

“Because I’m freaking out I start blabbing and I said ‘I’m sorry I’m not from here I’m just very excited to meet you.’ and he laughs and says ‘I’m not from here either!’ (I died).

“He turns to his friend and asks if he would take a picture, and his friend said “sure no problem!” Benedict comes next to me and PUTS HIS ARM AROUND ME and I put my arm around him and felt his back and I died again.”

More freaking out and dying follow as Cumberbatch approves the picture, but the celebrity and his fan eventually said farewell. As he walked away, Emily says she blurted out, “We’re all waiting!” — referring to the much-anticipated Season 3 of “Sherlock.”

She continues: “He stops walking and laughs and says ‘you know I do other things! But we are going to start filming in January and I believe it’ll be out next fall!’

“He waves, says to have a safe trip home, and walks away, and I walk back into the store, a world completely oblivious to everything that happened.”

We’re not oblivious, Emily — but we sure are envious. 

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