beowulf syfy tv series 'Beowulf' TV series coming to Syfy from Matt Greenburg, 'Reign of Fire' writer

Syfy is delving into the world of fantasy with a new TV series based on the epic poem “Beowulf.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the logline for the new series is an “adaptation of the classic epic poem that further examines the hero’s rise to power and his feud with the monster Grendel.” Considering there’s plenty of fodder already in the 3,000-line Old English tale, it’s easy to see how Syfy expanding the world would allow a great TV series to unfold.

With shows like “Merlin” well received by fans, it’s easy to see the space “Beowulf” could hold in the television landscape. This new series will be written by Matt Greenberg (best known for the films “1408” and “Reign of Fire”) and producers Greenburg, Brian Hamilton, Michael Chechik, Andrew Cosby and Paulo de Oliveira.

Previously Syfy made a TV movie called “Grendel” in 2007. “Beowulf” has also been brought to the big screen in 2005’s Gerard Butler-starring “Beowulf & Grendel” and Robert Zemeckis’ 2007 animated flick “Beowulf” that starred Angelina Jolie and Ray Winstone.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz