Bering-Sea-Gold-Under-The-Ice-Emily-Riedel.jpgAfter a brief run of “Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice,” which saw the gold-seekers of Nome, Alaska, boring through ice and plunging into frigid Bering Sea water in search of fortune, Discovery takes us back to summer in the Far North.

The regular dredging season is underway in full as “Bering Sea Gold” premieres its third season at 10 p.m. ET Friday, Dec. 13, Discovery tells Zap2it.
The winter season took a toll on all the crews, with nobody making out as well as they’d hoped. Summer brings change on many fronts. Here’s a look at what the dredgers will be facing:
  • Christine Rose: The father-son team of Shawn and Steve Pomrenke is used to being top dog, but this year, Shawn faces a tough new rival on another dredge.
  • Wild Ranger: After leveraging everything he has for two years with mixed results, Vernon Adkinson has now bought access to a claim two miles from Nome. Tired of dealing with Nome’s unpredictable summer weather, he sets his sights on Sledge Island, rumored to truly be a treasure island.
  • Eroica: Formerly called the Edge, the dredge has been renamed (“Eroica” is Italian for “heroic” and also the name of a Beethoven symphony) and now has a new owner — Emily Riedel. After a falling-out with dredger, childhood friend and on-again/off-again love Zeke Tenhoff — followed by a frustrating winter mining with her father, Steve — Riedel has put her aspirations of being an opera singer on hold and assumed a leadership position. She plans to dredge 24/7, using four divers and two tenderers. As Nome’s first and only female dredge owner, Riedel is in the spotlight as she seeks to make some cash to pay off the new equipment and finance her artistic ambitions.
  • Clark: After six years of working summers on the waters off Nome, Tenhoff is still reeling from his confrontation with Riedel and especially the suicide of his best friend and partner, John Bunce. He may be seeking redemption as much as gold this time around.
  • Minnow: After another disappointing season, Steve Riedel sets out with a new dredge. While mining the sea floor for gold is challenging, keeping out of the way of his rival, Scott Meisterheim, may be tough in a town as small as Nome.
  • Gold Grabber: Hounded by investors and debtors, Meisterheim failed to bring home the gold in the winter. Now, he humbles himself to work as a deckhand for Hank Schimschat on the biggest dredge in town. But between alcohol and his own shortcomings, Meisterheim may have more trouble on land than at sea.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare