sb ads best buy Best of Super Bowl 2012 ads: Melanie Amaro for Pepsi, Best Buy and moreGiants? Patriots? Eli Manning and Tom Brady? Yeah, they’re on our TVs Sunday, but for a sizable portion of the audience watching Super Bowl XLVI, the commercials are just as big a draw as the game.

Advertisers ponied up as much as $3.5 million per 30-second spot on NBC’s broadcast of the game, which will likely draw about 100 million viewers. Did they get their money’s worth? Check back throughout the game for Zap2it‘s running commentary on the best ads of Super Bowl Sunday.

Hyundai: Gonna Fly Now!

This probably shouldn’t be as cute as it was, a bunch of Hyundai employees singing “Gonna Fly Now” from the “Rocky” movies. But it was pretty adorable – the bald guy taking the super-high part particularly cracked us up.

Andrea Reiher

Audi: Die, vampires, die

When we heard Audi was doing a vampire-themed ad for the Super Bowl, we thought, oh jeez, enough already. But the fact that the car’s headlights burned everyone up — and the excellent use of  Echo and the Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon” — made us rather happy. Let’s hope Audi is on the leading edge of killing the vampire thing.

Rick Porter

Pepsi: Show some respect

We love that “X Factor” winner Melanie Amaro got to make her Pepsi commercial with Sir Elton John. How awesome would that have been? We’ll even forgive the Flava Flav cameo – at least he’s in the dungeon for having been a terrible singer. And we kinda dig the dance remix of “Respect,” which is Melanie’s debut single.

Andrea Reiher

Apocalypse Now: Chevy survives the end of days, Twinkies survive bankruptcy

2012 is the year the world ends, that is if you believe the Mayans. And it appears that the folks at Chevy concur as they use this bad news as an opportunity to mock their long-time rivals at Ford. Perhaps the most interesting part is the box of Twinkies that one of the other survivors is carrying around. Considering Hostess (Twinkies’ parent company) recently filed for bankruptcy protection, the folks at Chevy may have future-telling abilities of their own.

David Eckstein

Best Buy: He just really really loves Words With Friends so much.

Not only was it cool to have some innovators get their two seconds in the sun, but we’ll applaud any ad with the cojones to reference Alec Baldwin’s compulsive Words With Friends addiction… particularly when it’s airing on NBC, of which Baldwin is king.

Carina Adly MacKenzie

Budweiser: Prohibition is over, now party.

The list of things we’re scared of basically goes (1) Genocide (2) Terrorism (3) A World Without Beer. So let’s just say Budweiser’s end-of-Prohibition speaks to us. Like, directly to our souls. We’re just gonna go get another beer now… because we can.

Carina Adly MacKenzie

H&M: David Beckham’s abs would make us buy anything

Millions of single women are rushing out to buy men’s underwear from H&M right now for no good reason other than David Beckham David Beckham David Beckham.

Carina Adly MacKenzie

Chevy Sonic: Don’t try this at home

Car commercials are often the same. The companies show their product speeding around a race track, cruising through a busy downtown strip or getting assembled in a factory. But the Chevy Sonic went extreme, showing it can bungee jump, parachute and do a barrel roll. We’re still wondering whether these features are standard or extra.

David Eckstein

“The Avengers”: When do tickets go on sale?

Oh sweet fancy Moses yes. We were pretty well sold on the movie already, but the shots of the Hulk in action have us salivating.

Rick Porter

Volkswagen Commercial-within-a-Commercial

VW’s Biggest Loser dog commercial would’ve been charming on its own. Then it was revealed that it was, in fact, a commercial within a commercial, complete with cameo appearance from the Vader kid (AKA last year’s Super Bowl ad MVP). Best thing ever, basically.

Carina Adly MacKenzie

Skechers: Puppy!

Dogs are the new monkeys, apparently. There were a number of great dog commercials for Super Bowl XLVI, but for our money, the adorable pooch named Mr. Quiggly racing in sneakers takes the cake.

Andrea Reiher

Chrysler: A pep talk you better listen to

While the domestic car industry is coming back from the brink, it’s important to know that it’s far from fully recovered. And who better to get Americans thinking about what we can do to help but Clint Eastwood. A recommendation from Dirty Harry sounds a heck of a lot more like an order than anything else.

Before you ignore Eastwood, you better ask yourself, “Do you feel lucky?” Well do ya, punk?

David Eckstein

Hulu: The TV labs

Alec Baldwin has been replaced as Hulu spokesman by fellow NBC leading man, Will Arnett, who gave us a tour of the Hulu laboratory. We particularly dug the opportunity to finally, finally learn how they make that “Law & Order” dun-DUN sound. The mystery has been solved. Plus… we’ll watch Will Arnett do anything.

Carina Adly MacKenzie

Budweiser: Did they out-do Pepsi?

Budweiser took a swing at the “through the ages” style of commercial, which reminded us more than a little of the Pepsi commercial in ’02 with Britney singing Pepsi slogans through the years. Did you enjoy Budweiser’s effort? We thought it was pretty solid, though their ruination of The Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary” was awful.



Samsung: The Darkness is still around?

Samsung has been running a pretty effective campaign of late mocking the cult of the iPhone, and this bananas extended spot (featuring mid-’00s flash in the pan The Darkness) was an awful lot of fun. We don’t know that adding a pen to a smart phone is that big a deal (see: Newton, Palm Pilot), but we too, believe in a thing called love.

— Rick Porter

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