julie plake quits bethenny frankel bravo 'Bethenny Ever After': Julie Plake's decision to leave Bethenny Frankel was difficult

On Monday’s (April 9) episode of “Bethenny Ever After,” Bethenny Frankel’s assistant Julie Plake broke the news to her boss that she had decided to move back to her hometown of Pittsburgh at the end of the year to be with her family and boyfriend.

On her Bravo blog, Julie writes, “Watching this episode was emotional for me, because my decision to leave was a difficult one. But as you can see from Bethenny and my reactions, it was the right decision.”

The pair cried together over the news, but as Julie writes, she’ll always be a part of Bethenny’s family. (Julie is 2-year-old Bryn’s godmother.)

“If you ask ‘how could you do this?’ Remember, that I have worked for Bethenny for three years. She taught me important life lessons — don’t do things out of fear, follow your heart, and trust your gut. I listened to her and did exactly those things,” Julie continues in her post.

Bethenny promoted Jackie Lagratta to Julie’s position.

“She is an amazing person who loves a challenge and takes pride in her work,” Julie says of Jackie. “She will do just fine.”

Will you miss Julie on “Bethenny Ever After”?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper