bethenny getting married regis kelly bravo Bethenny Frankel on 'Regis and Kelly': 'Real Housewives' was like a 'pyramid scam'

Bethenny Frankel helped “Live with Regis and Kelly” celebrate the first day of Season 23 in syndication on Monday, Sept. 6.
Last week, Bethenny officially announced that she’s not returning for Season 4 and when Regis Philbin asked her if she misses the housewives, she simply replied, “I don’t.”
“I feel like it was a pyramid scam,” Bethenny says. “And you’re lucky to get out at the top and I don’t want to go back in the bottom and get stuck in the middle.”
Regis, who doesn’t believe reality shows are real at all, asked the former housewife just how much of the Bravo series is faked.
“The housewives are reality, but it gets sensationalized,” Bethenny explains. “But not because of the producers, because of the people. Some people are just who they are. I was completely who I was on the housewives.”
She then adds, “It’s that the women try to outdo each other, slapping, pulling hair…”
Now that Bethenny is off of “Real Housewives,” the only person she has to worry about pulling her hair is new baby, Brynn, and we’re sure her new husband, Jason Hoppy, is allowed a tug in certain situations… Wink.
“I think [“Bethenny Getting Married?”] is witty and it’s true and I think that people can enjoy that,” Bethenny says. “It doesn’t always have to be so psychotic.”
So, what’s in store for viewers on  “Bethenny Getting Married?’s” second season? We feel there may be a lot of talk about a second baby, which Jason is all about.
“I’m 39, so I would have to get moving,” Bethenny jokes. “So, I have to leave here and try to get pregnant today.”
When the show films, Bethenny says camera crews follow her four days a week for as much as eight hours a day and she says she generally doesn’t limit their access.
“It’s a rose and it has petals and thorns,” she says. “And the truth is I signed up for it and decided people invested in me for so many years, taking time from their family to watch it, I’m going to go there with the show.”
The chef and businesswoman was also there to promote her new book, “Skinny Dish,” and her workout video, “Body By Bethenny.”
Will you be tuning into the second season of Bethenny’s spin-off show?
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