bethenny getting married bethenny frankel 'Bethenny Getting Married?': Bethenny Frankel    'I was the runaway bride'Bethenny Frankel has spent three seasons on “Real Housewives,” yet she wasn’t a real housewife. In her new series, “Bethenny Getting Married?,” the Bravo star shows how she broke her streak as the three-time “runaway bride” — and according to her, the new show isn’t going to be a “Real Housewives” clone.

“It’s more about a discussion [then-fianc�] Jason [Hoppy] and I have about planning the wedding or, you know, that I was the runaway bride and getting me down the aisle,” Bethenny says in a recent press call. “And what it’s like to shop for a wedding dress when six months pregnant. I think the devil’s in the details.”

That’s an understatement. If you’ve been following every detail of Bethenny’s path to marriage and a baby in the press, this show promises to give you the inside look behind the headlines and then some.

“I sweat the small stuff,” she says. “I could like have a c-section and not be on any pain medication. But if you give me too small of a portion at the ice cream store I may have a nervous breakdown. Like that’s kind of the type of person that I am.”

In the show, we join Bethenny at her home with then fianc�, Jason Hoppy.

]]>“You really get into my relationship with my husband,” Bethenny explains. “And what it’s like for me to have gotten myself down the aisle and to be pregnant and all of these changes in my life. And it’s really funny, but it’s really emotional.” Some of that emotion comes from Bethenny’s decision to start going to therapy, which will be a recurring theme in the show. The woman has issues, and she’ll be the first to say so. “When you’re pregnant while engaged, while planning a wedding, while trying to run a business, while shooting a show, blah, blah, blah, while doing a book tour,” she says. “And formerly having been afraid of commitment it’s not a bad thing to kind of lock the door before you get robbed, you know? Go to the therapy before you have a breakdown.” And just in case you’re going through “Real Housewives of New York City” withdrawal, there will be some cameos from the cast. Alex McCord and her husband, Simon vanKempen, appear in the premiere episode. Ramona Singer will be dropping by this season, as well. But there’s no Jill Zarin in sight. “It’s only to the extent that what’s really going on in my life,” says Bethenny. “Bethenny Getting Married?” premieres at 10 p.m. ET Thursday, June 10 on Bravo. Follow Zap2it and TheRealJethro on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. Photo credits: Bravo

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