With one notable exception, the teasers AMC has released for “Better Call Saul” so far have either been atmospheric mood-setters or short bursts focused entirely on Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill.
The latest promo looks a little wider, however, giving viewers a glimpse of some of the other characters in Jimmy’s life circa 2002 and showcasing some of the deadpan humor that will make up some — but not too much, as everyone involved insists it will lean heavily toward drama — of the series.
Thus, Jimmy imitating Ned Beatty in “Network,” met by bemusement (at best) from his colleagues; Jimmy being dumped, bound and gagged, somewhere in the desert; Jimmy and his brother Chuck (Michael McKean) having a philosophical disagreement about money; Saul entering what looks to be a very low-rent office; and fellow lawyer Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian, “Veronica Mars”) advising Saul to “listen to your heart” — just before Jimmy kicks a trash can in a fit of anger.
The stakes may not be as insanely high as they were on “Breaking Bad” — yet — but based on the evidence here, “Better Call Saul” definitely feels like part of that world. The series premieres Sunday, Feb. 8 on AMC.
Posted by:Rick Porter