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What are the chances of “Better Off Ted” getting a third season? It’s so, so great. -Sarah

Slim to none, Sarah. I’m sorry to say it, but ABC burned off two more episodes Tuesday night and, yeah, it sucks that a show so whip-smart and funny is only being watched by you, me, “Modern Family”‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and a couple college students in the Midwest. I know why, though. This is a sitcom you actually have to pay full attention to if you’re going to get the laughs. And I guess no one feels like paying full attention to much anymore. Clearly the supposed over-prescription of Ritalin and Adderall is a myth.

But while we’re on the subject of Tuesday night comedy, can we also talk about “Scrubs: Med School” for a sec? Though the biggest laughs on this week’s episodes came from Elliot recounting the breaking of her bajingo bone and Turk taking enthusiastic delight in a “brother” speaking French, the new kids are really doing their thing too. Namely Cole (Dave Franco) and Drew (Mike Mosley). Don’t you think it’s cute how Dr. Cox is Drew’s mentor and that has clearly influenced him? I’m not the only one hearing the Dr. Cox-ian inflection that’s been creeping into his lines lately, am I?

How long is Lisa Kudrow going to be on “Cougar Town”? -Jack
She’s only on board for one episode so far. She’ll show up this week, playing Jules and Ellie’s brutally bitchy dermatologist who dates Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt), and then she’ll go bye-bye. But let’s just say I’ve got a very good feeling she’ll be back again. 

Busy Philipps is the best part of “Cougar Town” in my opinion. Can you tell me anything about what’s coming up for her character? -Meaghan

Ryan Devlin — whom you might recognize from “Veronica Mars” or as the former host of “ET on MTV” — joins the show this Wednesday (Jan. 6) as Laurie’s new love interest. He’s playing a dude named Smith who clerks at the courthouse and comes from a crazy rich family. He wants to take Laurie to some charity event, but his social graces (and her lack thereof) has Laurie super intimidated. Still, things seem to work themselves out because Smith is sticking around. I’m told he just signed on to do a third episode which will air in February for Valentine’s Day.

Any scoop on my favorite “Modern Family” man Cameron? -Jenna
Look forward to another appearance from Fizbo the Clown. We’ll be seeing him again. I know for sure that Cam (Eric Stonestreet) will flash back to a Fizbo escapade of yesteryear later this season. He’ll also be spending some quality alone time with Gloria (Sofia Vergara) soon, and the pair will be able to talk about the bizarre family they both married into.

Something on “Parks and Recreation” please. -Mike
With Dave Sanderson (Louis C.K.) shipped off to San Diego, Leslie’s now a free woman and will start dating a friend of Ann’s named Justin (Justin Theroux). Zap2it is already a huge fan of his, but April and her gay boyfriends will be way into him too. I’m told he’s an attorney.

In other “P&R” love news, Leslie will be throwing a “Galentine’s Day” party to celebrate her best gal pals in February and, even before that, a dinner soiree which she invites Tom’s ex Wendy to … ooh, awkward.

What else?

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