hot in cleveland tca betty white 320 Betty White lands NBC prank show. We have a better idea.No. this is not an April Fools joke, though we kind of wish it was. As much as we love the Betty White, NBC’s news that White will host what reads like an AARP-approved version of “Jackass” tentatively called “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” has us cringing.

Based on a Flemish show called “Benidorm Bastards,” the action will — according to Entertainment Weekly — follow seven senior citizens who play pranks on idiotic young people (aka whippersnappers) while hidden cameras record the hilarity that doubtless ensues. Apparently, what counts as a prank in northern Belgium involves lots of use of the f-word, gay slurs and dirty jokes (If you’re watching at work, be warned — there’s some language in here — both spoken and written)

We’re just not sure this is going to play in Peoria. So we’ve come up with five alternate TV show formats we’d rather see Betty White tackle:

1. Talk Show: She’s hilarious, spontaneous and, well, we’d choose her over Jay leno any day.

2. Senior “Idol”: America has got talent. That’s clear. But White could smartly capitalize on the market being left behind by the rest of reality TV: the retirement set.

3. Sketch comedy: White’s got timing like nobody’s business. She’s creative and, gosh darn it, people like her. Set her up with her own sketch comedy hour, ala Carol Burnett.

4. Sitcom: Forget Will Ferrell. Bring Betty White in as the new Scranton Branch manager on “The Office.” Add a torrid affair with Dwight Shrute and — bam, TV gold.

5. Reality: Three words: “Betty White’s Intervention.” Or celeb-reality: “Betty White: My Life on Metamucil.”


Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson