betty white sag 2010 320 Betty White may visit 'Saturday Night Live' ...  with a little helpBetty White fans, cross your fingers.

The comedic octogenarian may be heading to “Saturday Night Live” after all, but not alone.

White would be joining other funny ladies in a proposed special “Women of Comedy” episode that would distribute the burden across many shoulders, according to an EW report. Former “SNL” stars like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon are possible names that may join the special as well.

We think this is a great idea. Although Betty is funny enough to keep us entertained for more than the alotted 90 minutes, we are still aware that she’s 88 years old. We want her comedy to flourish and continue, not put stress on her!

And as long as we’re putting together a dream lineup, Zap2it would like to suggest Sandra Bullock — with whom White has incredible comedic chemistry (our fave moment of the SAG awards) — and raunchy Sarah Silverman. We think Betty could take her in a who’s funnier/more taboo contest.

NBC would neither confirm nor deny the report about the special. Reps for Fey, Poehler and Shannon could not be reached.

Do you like the idea of this special? Who would you like to add to the dream team?

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