betty white the talk Betty White not thrilled with 'The Talk's' shrill panelists or their treatment of animalsBetty White is normally a darling on the talk show circuit, so it figures that the women of “The Talk” would be the ones to push her to her breaking point.

White appeared alongside animal expert Jack Hanna during the Jan. 26 broadcast of the daytime series, and when a Zorilla (aka: fancy skunk) crawled inside Sharon Osbourne‘s blazer, all hell broke loose. The Brit let out a shrill scream, which sent the audience into hysterics and Leah Remini into some feigned display of horror. [Editor’s note: “The King of Queens” has been off the air for three years. It’s time to drop the shtick.]

This did not charm Betty, who was holding a spider monkey and looking seriously nonplussed by the antics. “Watch the sudden moves,” she said, “please, for this guy.”

Later during the episode, Hanna took White and the other ladies over to the other side of the stage to meet a 600-pound bear. We regret to inform you that Remini emerges unscathed:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell