robert pattinson betty white pix Betty White on Robert Pattinson's sexy praise: 'Now that's a comedy line'
When the world’s hottest actor — Robert Pattinson — calls you “one of the sexiest women in America” — what can you say?
Pattinson, 23, raved about Betty White, 88, on “The Today Show” this week: “She’s vibrant; it’s sexy. I think the more age, the better.”
Her response?

]]>He sounded quite serious to us. But White says the “Twilight” star’s comment was high-larious. “Now that is a comedy line!”, the “Golden Girls” star told Access Hollywood.

“All this came out of left field — all of a sudden, all this stuff has come in,” she admits. “I don’t know any more than I did in the beginning, I’m just watching in awe.”