betty white tvland awards gi Betty White: The best moments from her roastBetty White‘s roast was held on May 16, and most of the celebrity roasters kept it clean. Strange, considering her muffin sketch on “Saturday Night Live.”  Here are some of the best quotes of the night.

According to EW, there was definitely some rauchy stuff, but most people kept it clean for Grandma Betty. Here’s what they had to say:

“I invented the Skinnygirl Margarita. She invented Prohibition.” — Bethenny Frankel. White took her stiletto heel and replied, “This is longer than most of the men here.”

“[Betty was] the first woman to do Shakespeare in the Globe Theater — literally, she did him in the balcony.” — Barbara Walters.

“Betty is a Renaissance woman — she was born in 1543…. On her first game show, the grand prize was fire.” — Lisa Lampanelli.

“Betty, at your age, it’s a fine line between a roast and a cremation…. Betty is so old, she remembers the first days of Pompeii. She’s so old, she thinks I’m jail bait.” — Larry King.

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