Ugly Betty gets past the grimness of Bradford’s death to return to a more cheerful, wackier time. Alexis and Daniel get their sibling rivalry on, Betty and Henry go on a double date with Hilda and Gio and Wilhelmina tries to change her cutthroat image in order to woo investors. Oh yeah, and a Golden Girl!

Spoilers lurking in the freezer next to the Pinkberry.

Despite leaving a video message, Bradford didn’t make clear who should run Meade Publications due to his lousy skills with the camera. Daniel and Alexis decide to duke it out in a paintball battle at the Mode offices. After a drive-by clothes rack sneak attack, Alexis takes out all of Daniel’s team except for him and Amanda.

Poor Henry is feeling performance pressure since Gio, as annoying as he is, seems to be more exciting on dates. Betty loves Saturday Sundae nights where she and Henry eat themed ice cream creations while they watch a video, but Gio’s comments suddenly makes these dates seem bland.

After perhaps the most awkward and uncomfortable food/sex scene ever (ugh), Betty convinces a reluctant Henry that they should go out and make the most of their four months left together. They meet up with Gio and Hilda, who are out dancing, but after feeling incompetent and catching on fire, Henry is understandably upset and leaves.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina goes on a tear visiting the homeless, singing to sick children and all around mixing with the hoi polloi despite the possible exposure to germs. The investors are fooled for a while … until Wil steals a cab from an old lady, slamming her fingers in the car door and then knocking her to the ground. Unfortunately, it’s not just any old lady. It’s Golden Girls star Betty White, and two bystanders caught the whole thing on camera phone.

In the end, Alexis triumphs over Daniel after a sneaky betrayal. Henry and Betty have reconciled, and Hilda proves to be more aware (even while drunk) than she lets on when she tells Gio, "You seemed to up your game when Betty showed up. I don’t think I’m the Suarez sister you like." Ah, the chemistry finally is bearing fruit, but Betty and Henry still have 17 weeks and three days to go.

Wil gets totally played by Betty White, who decides to milk their "feud" for all its worth so she can make the round of talk shows. Finally, Wil admits defeat, declaring Slater dead, but then moves on to Plan B. Okay, major props to all the viewers and commenters who predicted that she harvested Bradford’s still viable sperm from his corpse within 48 hours of his death. Yup, she’s going to try to infiltrate the Meade company with her very own heir. I can’t wait to see what she craves and what she wears when she’s pregnant!

Other highlights/thoughts:

– Daniel to Alexis: "Why are you so strong? Did they give you super strength when they installed your vagina?"
– Christina: "The last surprise I had on a date was the wife knocking on the hotel door."
– You know, I’m just the audience for that movie "27 Dresses," but the product placement in this episode was annoying!
– It was predictable, but fun that Amanda and Nick Pepper’s animosity turned into something a bit more friendly. She needed some company (besides Halston) now that Marc has Cliff.
– Betty reading Hilda’s flyer: "’I Give Good Hair.’ That’s a little smutty. You might get those guys who hang out in front of the liquor store."
– How awful — awfully great — was Henry’s makeover courtesy of little Justin? Uh, and Henry is very taut.
– I’m all for indie/foreign/art films, but Fassbinder really isn’t a date movie, especially with ice cream.
– Kenny: "She’s Alexis. Big as Texas. She knows what it’s like to be both sexes."
– What’s in a flaming pelican?
– Amanda: "It was Anna Sui. I know I should feel something, but I feel nothing. War has changed me."
Betty White: "Oh great, I’m going on TV with whore eyes."
– Where’s Cliff and Christina’s husband Stuart?

Your thoughts? Who is your favorite Golden Girl?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen