It’s “90210 Day,” which only occurs what? Once every century? Of course, we’ve given you lots of scoop today from The CW’s “90210,” but we have to give a nod to the show that started it all, “Beverly Hills, 90210.”
Nothing compares to the retro-glamour fashion statements of the O.G. crew. More importantly, it came with its own scandals dealing with difficult issues such as drug use, teen pregnancy, STD’s, racism, abortion — the teen drama without a doubt went there and imprinted its name in teen TV history.
Let’s look back at Zap2it’s 5 teen-y moments from “BH 90210’s” decade of epic-ness:
  • Getting back: Justice is served

  • Getting stoned: What did mommy tell you about doing drugs?

  • Getting knocked up: Oh, that dreaded plus sign

  • Getting some: When is a teenager not in heat?

  • Getting dumped: Ouch, the familiar sting of rejection

How did “BH 90210” touch your teen-y parts?

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Video credit: CBS

Posted by:Michael Davis