brandon t jackson 2012 gi 'Beverly Hills Cop' pilot gets a pass from CBS, could find a new home“Beverly Hills Cop,” one of the 2013 pilot season’s surest bets, failed to find itself a spot on CBS’ fall line-up, with the network passing on the follow-up to the Eddie Murphy film franchise.

Though the Tiffany network passed on the drama, The Hollywood Reporter writes that Sony Pictures Television and Paramount are said to be shopping the project to other networks.

The update, starring Brandon T. Jackson as the son of Axel Foley (Murphy) not only came with the built-in brand recognition, but one TV’s top producers attached as well (“The Shield”s Shawn Ryan). Murphy and franchise co-star Judge Reinhold appeared in the pilot, with Murphy said to recur if the project went to series.

Christina Lahti, David Denman (“The Office”), Kevin Pollack and Sheila Vand (“Argo”) rounded out the regular cast.

Posted by:Billy Nilles