beyonce drinks wine Beyonce downs pregnancy rumors with a glass of red wineRumors about Beyonce being pregnant with her second child are probably bound to keep coming, but she has issued a wordless — and delicious — rejoinder to them.

The pop star posted a picture to her Tumblr of her and husband Jay-Z enjoying a glass of red wine during a recent trip to Berlin. Based on another photo, they’re drinking a 2000 Barolo that retails for about $400 a bottle and draws near-perfect ratings from several well-known wine reviewers.

In other words, it’s not a wine you just take a tiny sip of while you’re pregnant. There’s no caption on this or any of the Berlin photos, but it seems like a pretty good indication that she’s not carrying her second child.

Rumors that Beyonce and Jay-Z were expecting a second kid have come fast and heavy in recent weeks, despite the couple’s repeated denials.

Posted by:Rick Porter