So many parties, so little time. But it’s astonishing how many soirees stars manage to hit after an awards show. Even with waiting limos, this feat is pretty impressive. It’s like they’re air lifted from bash to bash! People magazine’€™s post Grammy party at Eleven was hosted by Beyonce, who had changed into a slinky (and warmer) black sequined gown.


Guests included Christina Aguilera and her smooching hubby Jordan Bratman, India Arie, Chris Tucker, Allison Janney,  Mischa Barton, Natalie Cole and Tara Reid, who was surprisingly sober and sweet. But Tara, who is an expert at party hopping, definitely made the rounds last night.


Tara was spotted getting toasted€ by the fire at  the EMI Post party at Boulevard, along with Terrence Howard, Tommy Hilfiger, Randy Jackson, Ryan Cabrera and Mandy Moore. Later Beyonce and Tara, by then wrapped up in a pink shawl to keep warm, made it (not together) to the swanky Sony BMG party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. But THE place to be the party was outside near John Mayer‘s cabana… 


where Mayer kissed and cuddled with new sweetie Jessica Simpson. Even Ashlee hung out with the couple and the cozy family scene was completed by doting dad/manager Papa Joe. This carefully orchestrated gathering of the Simpson clan was clearly designed to pictorially announce John and Jessica’s royal industry marriage. Can a musical reality show be far behind?


Seeing photographers flashing a late arrival, a departing BMG guest asked, "Who is that?"€ It was Enya. She’s sold millions of records and no one knows who she is. Strangely, that’s refreshing. Also in the mix: the Dixie Chicks, Imogen Heap, Jakob Dylan, John Legend, Gina Gershon, Lionel Richie and Perry Farrell. And it just wouldn’t be a party without Paris Hilton, who was spotted chatting up legendary music figure and BMG honcho Clive Davis and wore long dangling bling earrings, the hot Grammy 2007 jewelry trend.

Photo Credits: front page – Beyonce does a snake pose in her sequined black long-sleeved gown at the People bash. Christina’s hubby gets frisky. Mike Guastella/WireImage. Tara heats up by the fire at the EMI soiree. M Sullivan/WireImage

Photo Credits: this page – John and the Simpson sisters (now there’s a scary threesome) with Kevin Mazur. Eric Caulfield/WireImage. Clive will always have Paris (as an admirer) but don’t think about signing her for a record deal, please. A. Rodriquez/WireImage

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