beyonce Beyonce performs at U.N. for World Humanitarian DayBeyonce stunned the General Assembly Hall of United Nations Headquarters in New York Friday night (Aug. 11) when she sang “I Was Here.”

Her performance for World Humanitarian Day, which honors aid workers killed in the line of duty around the world, was filmed for a broadcast to air Aug. 19.

Before Jay-Z‘s wife and new mom to daughter Blue Ivy sang the ballad before a screen designed by director Ridley Scott, U.N. Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson praised the pop star.

“Tonight [she] brings more than her stunning talents; she brings inspiration to help another person, to help another human being,” he said, calling “I Was Here,” written by Diane Warren, a “profound and moving song.”

Beyonce herself closed the event, saying, “I’d like to ask everyone to make sure they’re a part of August 19. It’s such a beautiful, beautiful day.

“And I’d like to honor the 22 people who lost their lives,” she said about the humanitarian workers killed in a terrorist attack in Iraq on August 19, 2003, which Eliasson called a “dark day in the history of the U.N.”

“God bless you all,” concluded Beyonce. “Thank you so much for having me.”

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