beyonce knowles 1100 dollar chicken order pregnancy gi Beyonce pregnancy rumors fueled by $1100 chicken order

Rumors that Beyonce could be pregnant with her second child have added fuel. The singer purchased over $1000 in spicy chicken from a Dublin fast-food restaurant on Sunday (May 12).

According to a report — and a receipt — from UK paper The Daily Mail, Beyonce Knowles stopped by a Nando’s Chicken Restaurant in the Irish city to purchase platters consisting of 28 whole chickens, additional chicken wings and sides. The entire order cost 875.90 Euros — approximately $1100 dollars.

beyonce 1000 dollar chicken order receipt daily mail Beyonce pregnancy rumors fueled by $1100 chicken order
Why so very much chicken? Could Beyonce really be having pregnancy cravings that are so extreme? Not so fast — the chicken was reportedly brought back to Beyonce’s concert crew and presumably eaten by many people. There is no evidence, in fact, that Beyonce had any of the chicken herself.

The press got wind of the exact order thanks to the singer’s receipt being released. Along with so very much chicken, there is the curious fact that, while most of the order was paid for by credit card, the small amount of 5.90 Euros was paid in cash. Was this an extra tip for cooking so many chickens at once?

Beyonce has said that she would like to have more children at some point in the future, but the singer has not confirmed that she is currently pregnant. Photos that seem to capture a small baby bump, plus a few canceled concerts on Beyonce’s current tour, however, fuel speculation. She already has one daughter, Blue Ivy, born in 2012.

Posted by:Laurel Brown