beyonce blue ivy tumblr Beyonce says surrogacy rumors are 'just crazy'Beyonce may be People’s Most Beautiful Woman, but that doesn’t protect her from some ugly rumors about her pregnancy with daughter Blue Ivy. But she says she wasn’t hurt — just surprised — by the accusations that she and her husband, Jay-Z, had used a surrogate to carry their child.

“That was crazy. It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy,” the 30-year-old singer and actress tells People. “[I thought] ‘Where did they come up with this?'”  

One person who was hurt by the rumors, though, was Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles.

“I thought it was very unfair and very cruel that someone would think that someone would be that diabolical to keep up a charade like that for nine months,” Knowles says. “As a mother it was painful for me to hear the crazy rumors. And I even had people ask me, which was so ridiculous.”

After an Australian interview during which it appeared as though Beyonce’s baby bump “deflated” as she sat down, rumors started swirling that her pregnant belly was a prosthetic she wore during public appearances — rumors her publicist called “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed baby Blue Ivy on Jan. 7.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper