beyonce super bowl 2013 Beyonce: Super Bowl XLVII, singing live and reuniting with Destiny's ChildBefore Beyonce‘s lip-synching the National Anthem at the Inauguration was treated like a high crime against the country, and before she set the record straight Thursday (Jan. 31) by belting out the anthem a cappella at a press conference, Beyonce spoke with Zap2it about the Super Bowl halftime show.
Though coy about what she plans to perform, and about confirming a  reunion with Destiny’s Child, Beyonce talked lovingly about her close girlfriends.
“It just reminds me we had so much fun because our whole childhood, and all of our life, and we are so much sisters and it is nothing that can ever stop that, and it is so natural,” she says of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.
“We sing and open our mouths and the second we see each other and it is so much fun,” she says. “We finish each other’s sentences; all of the things we did when we were 10.” 
“We grew up together and are so much more together than us singing,” she continues. “It is just beautiful for us to be adults. And now have our own goals and careers and lives and to be back on stage again. We just put out a little songs album and did a new song again.”
And whatever she does wind up singing, Beyonce stressed at a press conference Thursday, that she will “absolutely be singing live.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler