beyonce wedding dress 2 Beyonce vs. Lauren Bush: Wedding dress reveal face offThree years after Beyonce Knowles married Jay-Z, she’s finally revealed her wedding dress to the world. We have to say, when they quietly married, we wondered what the big secret was — but after the recent Kardashian spectacle, we’ve got a newfound respect for the celebs who keep major moments private.

The reveal comes with the video for her latest single, “I Was Here.” The song, Beyonce says, is dedicated to her fans, and in their honor, she’s shared footage from some major moments, ranging from childhood home videos to her wedding to her first meeting with Barbra Streisand.

The dress is as glam as you’d expect, with a dramatic train, but remains surprisingly traditional given Beyonce’s in-your-face onstage persona.

Meanwhile, another celeb has also revealed her wedding gown. Lauren Bush married Ralph Lauren’s son David Lauren (we’re just going to venture a guess that she didn’t take his name). Fittingly, her new father-in-law designed her dress — which required a team of 100 people and over 3000 hours of labor.

We’ll let Vogue describe the magnificent gown: “Made of richly embellished fabrics, the dress’s top layer
is featherweight tulle in antique ivory. Some 100 craftspeople spent
more than 3,000 hours hand-embroidering the tulle with delicate motifs
of small flowers and Renaissance-era scroll designs in ivory silk and
metallic thread, Swarovski Elements crystals, and off-white pearl beads.”

Which do you prefer? Simple and glam like Beyonce, or intricate and labor-intensive like Bush?

lauren bush wedding dress Beyonce vs. Lauren Bush: Wedding dress reveal face off

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie