“: Jessie gets everything he wants. Again. Some more.

The shows picks up right after Sunday night’s nomination ceremony, with Michele and Jordan believing they are on the block so Jessie can backdoor Ronnie, not knowing that Jessie has no such plans. Don’t they see how Ronnie follows Jessie around like a little puppy dog? Jessie (or more specifically, Jessie’s giant ego) can’t get rid of someone who idolizes him so thoroughly. Jordan rightly acts suspicious, but dumb, dumb Jeff is convinced Jessie will stick to “the plan.”

Aside: someone please burn Casey’s “Welcome to Jook City” t-shirt. Please.

Moving on. Jessie assures Ronnie he is safe and works to get his allies on the same page. Chima agrees and says Casey would be a much better target this week than Ronnie. Kevin and Lydia also jump on board the “let’s help Jessie win BB11” train, even though Casey is the only other person that if they win HoH can guarantee them safety by virtue of being in their clique.

The houseguests kill time by playing Truth or Dare. Kevin picks dare and has to do a 10 second cuddle with sleeping, snoring Jessie. Things would have been fine with Jessie none the wiser, but Natalie wakes Jessie up mid-cuddle. Ronnie was then dared to give Casey a 20 second hug, even though Casey hates Ronnie. After seeing this and the accompanying giggle-fest, Casey figures out that Ronnie might not be as hated among the rest of the houseguests as he thought.

The POV players are selected and Casey is chosen but Ronnie isn’t. Those not in on the backdoor Casey plan think this is a best case scenario, but clueless Casey is just so happy Ronnie isn’t eligible that he offers to throw the competition to Jordan. The competition itself involves pink unitards, a mud and hay-filled backyard, and the search for numbered “truffles.” The person with the highest score at the end wins. Also, the sound effects during this comp were really unnecessary, y’all. Ew. There are also temptations like margarita parties, cash and vacations that you can take rather than points. Casey decides giving the house the margarita party is more important than his own safety, which is never a smart move. He also gets saddled with wearing a banana suit for a week. Ha! All I have to say is, thank God it’s not a unitard. No one wants to see that. Michele wins veto and promptly wipes out in the mud trying to retrieve it. Ha, again.

Jessie has a talk with Michele, who finally realizes that Jessie is totally in control of this game and vows (via diary room) to try to get him out if she gets HoH. At least someone is paying attention, even if that someone has really little to no game. Kevin makes the point to Lydia that it really isn’t in their best interests to have Casey leave, it’s really only in Jessie’s best interests. Lydia starts the Casey nomination rumor and it quickly gets back to Casey. Casey goes to talk to Jessie and assures him Ronnie is a rat and he will be an asset. His machinations don’t work, however, and when Michele removes herself from the block, Jessie puts Casey up. Who will be evicted? I wouldn’t be surprised if things shift and Jordan is the one to go…

Oh, and one more thing: shut up, Ronnie.

Favorite quotes:

  • “Don’t ever send no rat to hug me again. Please.” – Casey
  • “There was a bunch of hay and mud and I got so excited because I love getting dirty like that. I thought we were going to get to, like, wrestle each other.” – Jordan
  • “The veto competition was not necessarily something I needed to win.” – Casey

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler