johnny galecki comic con big bang theory gi 'Big Bang Theory' at Comic Con 2013: Johnny Galecki's 'Star Wars' disguise and Melissa Rauch moderating“The Big Bang Theory” returned to Comic-Con with a panel intended to focus on the writers, but surprise appearances by series stars Johnny Galecki and Melissa Rauch stole the spotlight.

Rauch moderated the session with writer-producer panelists Steve Molaro, Bill Prady, Eric Kaplan, Jim Reynolds, Steve Holland and Maria Ferrari and science adviser David Saltzberg.

Rauch almost immediately opened the session up for audience questions and there was nothing unusual about a Con-goer in a “Star Wars” costume (specifically Leia’s Boushh bounty hunter disguise from “Return of the Jedi”) approaching the microphone.

Except it turned out the disguise was another joke. “Who are you?” Rauch asked from the stage. And the stranger at the microphone pulled off the costume’s helmet to reveal himself: it was Galecki, who deadpanned the line “Someone who loves you” and promptly bounded up to the stage to join the panel.

Teases for what to expect in Season 7 were limited. “I know nothing and we know it,” Galecki joked.

But Molaro allowed, “We will see Leonard on the ship.” And Holland teased, “Bernadette and Amy may take their first trip away together without Penny.”

When Rauch asked if Amy and Sheldon will ever consummate their relationship, Molaro allowed: “I think I’ll use Sheldon words and say ‘it is a possibility.'”

“Once you erotically massage someone’s nose I think we all know what happens,” Holland added.

“This show has the best fans in the world,” Galecki said to wrap things up. “The fact that we gather here in July before the show goes back into full swing production in August gives us the shot in the arm we need.”

The panel also included a Season 6 highlights reel and a special video introduction by Stephen Hawking, which you can watch below:

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