jim parsons bbt 320 'Big Bang Theory': Jim Parsons talks William Shatner, Twitter and Mayim Bialik as Sheldon's love interestSheldon Cooper is getting a love interest.

Sort of. 
This Monday (May 24), during the third season finale of “The Big Bang Theory,” Raj and Wolowitz will apparently set Sheldon up with an online dating profile. 
His match? The female version of himself, played by former “Blossom” star Mayim Bialik.

Jim Parsons was cool enough to talk to Korbi TV about what we can expect from that.
Other topics covered? 

His short-lived Twitter experience, “BBT”‘s timeslot move from Mondays to Thursdays as well as CBS’s newest star, William Shatner

You did a bit with Shatner in New York last week?
Jim Parsons: (Laughs) Yes. Upfronts are a special time that make for strange bedfellows, aren’t they? That being said, it really wasn’t that strange at all, both topic-wise — ’cause I’m on a show that’s obsessed with “Star Trek” and I’m playing a character who is especially [enthralled] — and person-to-person-wise, he’s so delightful. It sounds stupid — everyone knows this — but there’s something so charming about him. You know, I had to do this thing where I ran up and hugged him. As Sheldon. And I met him and he goes, “You’re Jim.” And I was like, uh, yes, hello, I’m about to have to hug you. And he said, “Um, okay, just not too hard.” And I went, okay!
Yeah, he’s funny on Twitter.
JP: He really does Twitter?
Oh, yes… unless it’s someone doing it for him.
JP: No, no. I have no doubt that it’s him. I just– I’m so bad at it. See, this is why I enjoyed working with him ever so briefly. We’re a yin and a yang, you know what I mean? 
You don’t want to start Tweeting?
JP: No! No, no, no. I tried. I tried for two days and it did not work out.
[Your “BBT” costar] Kunal [Nayyar] can help you, he’s all about it. 
JP: If I did tweet, it would not be in the vein of a Kunal tweet, let me get that straight right now… Do you Tweet?
I do, but it’s a work thing. I doubt I’d be on Twitter were it not a part of my job.
JP: Well, that’s what I mean, we tried to make mine about work. It wasn’t like I was trying to connect with old high school friends. It was my publicist’s [idea]. She was like, you might want to think about opening a Twitter account and so I did and then I closed it within 48 hours.
But I’m sure you got thousands of followers in that 48 hours.
JP: I didn’t, which is only [proof] of how bad I was at it. I didn’t even know how to access people to say, I’m here!
I wonder if Twitter is something Sheldon would do.
JP: I don’t know, it’s very social, you know?
Yeah. But somewhat removed at the same time.
JP: That’s true. And you can do Sheldon-speak, if you will, in any form. Sheldon’s Tweets would just be more obscure and out of the norm. So, yes, he could Tweet. And he would think he was an excellent Tweeter probably. Most people wouldn’t understand them and those that did would be like, why are you utilizing this thing for that?
I can see him coming up with a lot of material that makes himself laugh.
JP: A big “Bazinga” ring, yes.
And if you were on Twitter, you could Tweet the news. Like the fact that “Big Bang” is moving to Thursdays, which is kind of crazy. 
JP: It’s very crazy. I feel very optimistic about it. Especially now. When I first heard, [I wasn’t so sure]. I’m just like anybody else, change of any sort is simply uncomfortable when it first occurs. I saw our new schedule on Nikki Finke’s website — I’m not too proud to admit it — and I tell you, I really kept staring at it going, What?! I guess it had just never crossed my mind [as a possibility]. But the more I’ve thought about it and talked with everyone else about it, the more [I’ve gotten used to it]. I feel partially excited. I hope that it’s a great thing, because if it is a great thing, we’d be opening up that hour of comedy for [the network] and it would be so exciting to be a part of that new night. We’ve always been treated very well by CBS and this [move] shows a lot of confidence in us, so it’ll be good, whatever happens. And I also think that there couldn’t be a better pairing [for “Big Bang Theory”] than the new William Shatner show. Not only because it’s Shatner, but because it’s an idea that came from the world of Twitter, there’s something to it. 
We have to talk about the season finale. So many of your fans have been obsessed with the idea of Sheldon getting a love interest for some time. I don’t know if you would describe Mayim’s character as a love interest exactly, but she’s certainly the closest thing to it so far, no?
JP: Oh, without a doubt. But emotionally — if you will — where it will lead in future episodes, I have no clue. Two reasons: Number one, the meeting is so brief. It’s like, that’s really what happens, they just meet. And I don’t even want to say that there’s a spark, but there is something that [takes Sheldon from thinking], “This is not worth my time” to “Maybe this conversation could continue.” But what that [something] is, I don’t know. And I don’t know if [the writers] know! I don’t know if Episode One of next year is already building in their minds and they know where this is headed or what, you know. But the beauty of working like this is I do feel like so much is organically happening. They propose ideas and they execute them and then they are performed and the audience watches them and they go from there. They can say, I like how this is going. This is not what I thought was happening, but we’re going to go this track with it. I think that’s really how the birth of one of my favorite things about the show happened, which is the one-on-one scenes between Sheldon and Penny. In one way, that was just going to happen, because there’s five people on the show. But I really feel like the relationship that’s developed between [our characters] was not something that anyone could’ve guessed would have the depth that I think it does. You know, it was only after throwing out a scene or two here and there that [we discovered] that there was something about [the dynamic] that was really fun to investigate. And the only reason I bring that up is because it’s like, will this thing with me and Mayim [go somewhere great as well]? Who knows!       
What was the chemistry like during the one scene that you did do?
JP: Well, on a person-to-person basis, I had a great time being with her. You know, I let it sit for the first couple days of rehearsal and then right before taping, I probably still shouldn’t have, but I did look at her and say, “Now, do you know exactly what’s going on?” And she said no and I said, “Good, I just wanted to make sure, because I don’t either.” So we were both extremely honest with each other, which is always pretty delightful. As a character thing, so far, what’s been briefly shown, she seems to be as obtuse in nailing down what’s going through that heart as Sheldon is. So that’s part of what led to the confusion of “what is this scene?” because it was basically two characters going, “Wha– Huh?” You know, what are the feelings behind these words that you’re saying? So, from what little I know of her character at this point, it’s that she certainly seems to have that in common with Sheldon. 
Would you like to see Mayim back in the fall and see it go somewhere?
JP: Oh, judging from that one episode with her, I would love to. As a person, I loved having her around on the set and I always feel game for exploring these things that the writers throw out there.

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