betty white 320 'Big Bang Theory': Jim Parsons wants Betty White to play Sheldon's mee ma

Who knew that “pushing 90” would be the hottest time in Betty White‘s multi-decade career.
On Tuesday (March 16), we learned that the 88-year-old comedienne and actress had signed on to play a regular role on TV Land’s first scripted sitcom, “Hot In Cleveland,” which is definitely cool. 
But it may throw a wrench into the hopes of “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons, just as he suspected when we spoke earlier this week. 

“Betty White’s [on my guest star wish list],” Parsons said. “She’s been everywhere though lately. I don’t even know if we could get her between her Snickers commercials and ‘SNL’… she’d be a wonderful mee-ma.” 

As fans of “BBT” know, Sheldon’s beloved mee-ma is his grandmother and, though she’s been mentioned many a time on the series, she’s yet to be seen. 
So, Bets, what do you think? 
“Big Bang” is at the top of the successful sitcom list right now and Jim Parsons is not only an Emmy-nominated stand out but KTV finds him to be one of the nicest people in television.
So, yeah, can you find some time to swing by the Warner Bros. lot next season?
Posted by:Korbi Ghosh