lisa kudrow who do you think 320 'Big Bang Theory': Kaley Cuoco wants Lisa Kudrow to play her mom

Yo, Lisa Kudrow, you got some extra time on your hands? To guest star on one of TV’s highest-rated sitcoms? 
Because the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” seems really into the idea of having you.
On set this Monday, four of the five main cast members — each in their own separate interviews — named Kudrow as the perfect candidate to portray Penny’s mom.
“Every week we hear something whacked about Penny’s family,” Kaley Cuoco said of her character. “She has this weird family and I’ve been waiting for the episode [in which we meet them]. My ideal mother would be Lisa Kudrow. I just think she should play my mother. I have this idea that she had me when she was really young.” 
So, thoughts?
Kudrow did just guest on ABC’s “Cougar Town” with her former “Friends” co-star Courteney Cox and she’s currently producing and appearing on NBC’s new reality series “Who Do You Think You Are?”
Perhaps it’s time to throw CBS a bone.
Posted by:Korbi Ghosh