jim parsons james earl jones the big bang theory recap cbs 'Big Bang Theory' Season 7, episode 14: 12 best moments from James Earl Jones and 'The Convention Conundrum'James Earl Jones: Tony- and Emmy Award-winning actor, the voice of Darth Vader … and sitcom guest star extraordinaire?

With Thursday’s (Jan. 30) episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” it’s safe to say Jones has proven himself a powerful comedy performer. Playing himself, the legendary actor has a hysterically raucous night on the town with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) after the nerd sets out on a mission to form his own comic book convention.

Let’s take a look at the 12 best and funniest moments from “The Convention Conundrum.”

1. That entire cold open was perfect. With Sheldon, Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) anxiously anticipating the release of Comic-Con tickets for sale in a makeshift war room in the guys’ living room, Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) reaction was hilarious: “You guys are a whole lot of weird before coffee.”

2. Alas, tickets sell out immediately, driving the guys to despair. “Aw, you guys. This is really sad. And in a different way than it was 10 minutes ago,” Penny tells them.

3. With the other guys intent on buying scalped tickets, Sheldon (always a stickler for the rules) hopes to avoid a lifetime ban from Comic-Con and, instead, plans to form his own, rivaling Sheldon-Con. He sets out to find his first celebrity guest: Robert Downey, Jr. This being Sheldon, he naturally goes about it all wrong: “Excuse me, I sat through ‘Iron Man 2.’ I believe he owes me two hours of his time.”

4. Meanwhile, the girls are busy complaining about the childish ways of their men. “Those tickets were pretty expensive. I had to give Howie an advance on his allowance. Now he’s never gonna put his toys away,”  Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) tells Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Penny. Amy wonders why the other guys couldn’t be as mature as her Sheldon, with his own convention. “Also, who wants to throw me out that window?” she asks right after.

5. Sheldon’s just one step away from landing Jones, he tells Leonard. “Does that step include chloroform and a big roll of duct tape?” Nope, just stalking his tweets, then determining his location based off of years-old interviews. Duh.

6. Turns out that super mature tea day the girls embark on is mostly a little girls activity. “I can’t believe the waiter thought I was your daughter,” Bernadette tells Penny.

7. Sheldon’s moment with Jones goes much better than he, or anyone, would’ve ever expected. “I have one thing to say to people like you,” Jones tells the awestruck nerd. “I like ‘Star Wars’ too!” There’s something about the voice of Mufasa bellowing “Leonard sounds like a real weenie!” It’s just hysterical.

8. The other guys are waffling with their decision to invite a scalper to their home, until Leonard decides it’s time to stop being, you know, weenies. “Even Batman breaks the rules,” he tells a protesting Raj. Raj’s perfectly dorky retort: “You know I struggle with Batman.”

9. “My wife’s in New York and I’ve got a ‘Lion King’ residual check burning a hole in my pocket,” James tells Sheldon, inviting him out on their epic night. A ride on a Ferris Wheel? Check. A little “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” karaoke? Check. Ding-dong-ditching Carrie Fisher? Check and check.

“It’s not funny anymore, James!” a bat-wielding Fisher yells at the fleeing Sheldon and Jones. “Then why am I laughing?!”

10. The women struggle with feeling like a grown-up. Amy feels the least mature because she’s still a virgin. “Sex is not what makes you a grown up,” Penny tells her.

“Yeah, or you’d be the oldest one here,” Bernadette quips. Penny’s reply: “Really? Is that how you talk to your mother?”

11. Sheldon and his new buddy end their night in a stream room. “What were you trying to ask me at the strip club?” Jones asks Sheldon. “How much does it cost me to get them off of my lap?”

12. As Sheldon begins to make his Sheldon-Con pitch, Jones just says he’ll bring the crew along with Comic-Con as his guests. That way he’ll be able to take his new friend to his favorite city on earth every night: Tijuana. “Aye yi yi! Bang bang!”

At least this way, we’ll hopefully get to see the Four Hulks: Ferrigno, Bana, Norton, Ruffalo. (Seriously, is there isn’t a group of friends at this year’s convention bringing that to life, it’ll be a major disappointment.)

What were your favorite moments from “The Convention Conundrum”?

Posted by:Billy Nilles