howard wolowitz big bang theory cbs 'Big Bang Theory': Simon Helberg explains Howard's wedding predicament and the show's unlikely successAs fans of “The Big Bang Theory” know, the immediate fate of Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette’s (Melissa Rauch) wedding is still in doubt. Thanks to a last-minute rescheduling from NASA, Howard will have to decide whether to go into space or marry his love. If this sounds like a pretty unique predicament for a TV character, you’re not the only one.

“You don’t tend to see space travel and nuptials being discussed in a realistic way on television often,” Helberg tells Zap2it. As for how things will work out for Wolowitz, Helberg was mum other than to say, “Everything gets turned on its head and there’s nothing traditional about what’s happening.”

It’s been a long road to the altar for the socially-awkward Howard. The man who still lives with his mother and dons brightly-colored outfits is easily the least appropriate of all the show’s characters. But after five years on the series, he’s grown refined. This is much to the surprise of Helberg.  

“Who would have thought that Howard Wolowitz would actually be getting married and sort of becoming a sensitive, self-aware, mature person?” Helberg wonders.

While Howard’s evolution is certainly a surprise, perhaps the even bigger shocker is that a comedy about maladjusted scientists would be the big hit that it is. The series is the top-rated comedy on TV, drawing in a weekly audience of just under 16 million. This is precisely why the show will be on the CBS schedule at least through the 2013-14 season.

Helberg thinks that he has a pretty good sense as to why the show has achieved this level of success.

“I do just think it’s a show about real people,” Helberg explains while acknowledging it’s certainly a heightened version of reality. “I think that people watch these guys try to fit in and see them as underdogs who are really good people…but are just kind of ignorant about the rules of life.”

Of course being the TV scientist that he is, Helberg can also distill his thoughts into one simple statement.

“I think everyone’s kind of a closet nerd,” Helberg adds.

Posted by:David Eckstein