bbt 100th ep cbs 'Big Bang Theory' sneak peek: Are Leonard and Penny getting back together?Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) have a curious relationship on the nerd comedy “The Big Bang Theory.” They date, they break up, they try to be friends. No matter what they try, it always seems to get mucked up. Well, if the preview for Thursday’s (Jan. 19) episode is any indication, they’re going to do all three in one show.

The promo features Leonard, offering a machismo that is out of character for him, asking Penny out for dinner. The clip then shows a passionate kiss between the two and is followed a despondent Leonard coming home alone.

But fear not fans of Pennard (or is it Lenny?), there is a distinct
possibility that some of this might be imagined. The show
description states the crew “ponders how everything might change when Leonard offers Penny a spur of the moment invitation to a romantic dinner.” So who knows what really happened? One thing is for certain, it can’t be any more awkward than when the two went out as friends just a few weeks ago and then proceeded to make each other jealous.

Here’s the clip…

Posted by:David Eckstein