bbt apr5 3 cbs 'Big Bang Theory': Theoretically funny“The Big Bang Theory” has had their fair share of noted scientists – George Smoot, Brian Greene and Neil deGrasse Tyson – guest star on the show. But on Thursday (April 5), they landed the the top of the heap with Stephen Hawking. So how did it all work out?

[Spoiler Alert]

The premise of the episode is that Howard (Simon Helberg) is helping out Hawking while he visits the university. When Sheldon (Jim Parsons) finds this out, he can barely control himself, and he desperately wants to present the noted theoretical physicist with a paper he’s written on the Higgs boson particle.

But Howard isn’t so quick to make that introduction. He’s resentful of the fact that Sheldon frequently treats him poorly. So he decides to exact a little bit of pain on Dr. Cooper before agreeing.

Howard puts Sheldon through a series of torturous activities, each one worse and more humiliating than the next. Howard revels in his little chance to get even, up until the point that Bernadette (Melissa Rausch) suggests enough is enough.

At the end, Dr. Cooper gets a chance to meet his idol. While Hawking is impressed by Sheldon’s research, there was a slight glitch, and everything comes crashing back down to earth.

On a scale of 1-to-Pi, Thursday’s episode was Lieb’s Square Ice Constant, or 1.539. The whole episode was essentially a one-note joke – embarrass Sheldon in a variety of ways. As for subplots…oh wait…there weren’t any. While it’s obvious that they had to make Hawking the critical part of the episode, there’s nothing like having a little something else going on in the show’s universe.

Posted by:David Eckstein