wil wheaton big bang 320 'Big Bang Theory': Wil Wheaton vs. Sheldon and Leonard vs. Penny

The long-awaited return of Sheldon Cooper’s nemesis, Mr. Wil Wheaton, comes to “The Big Bang Theory” this week (April 12), but according to Jim Parsons, this probably isn’t a vendetta in which Sheldon will find himself victorious.

“I would think [Wheaton will continue to recur], because nothing’s resolved [during this episode] and I don’t think Sheldon ever gets to win in that situation,” Parsons said during a recent set visit. “But Sheldon wins a lot of the time, so it’s nice to have a good person come on and always get the best of him because the rest of them don’t always. They try, he’s too smart.” 
Unfortunately for Sheldon, he won’t be getting his way when it comes to the relationship of his friends Leonard and Penny either. 
As Korbi TV first reported last month, the couple is headed for a break up and the first major signs of trouble will begin Monday when Leonard tells Penny he loves her and she fails to reciprocate. Sheldon’s going to have an unusually hard time with the fighting that ensues and will go to great lengths to quell the imminent threat of a split.
Would you do the same?
Or do you think it’s time for the Leonard-Penny union to dissolve?

Leonard and Penny…trends

“The Big Bang Theory” airs Mondays at 9:30 p.m. EST on CBS

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