Tonight, The Big Bang Theory asked that age old question: how do you tear a male away from Halo 3? The answer is apparently ‘sex’. But that only works sometimes. More on that later. The episode seemed to meander a big tonight, not having much of a story arc but more taking us through a series of brief vignettes that dealt with the fact that Howard was missing from our fearsome foursome because he was off having sex with Penny’s house guest, Christie. Yes, I said Howard was having sex. It seems Sheldon is the only nerd to have not had sex so far (unless we count Penny as a nerd, and the premise of the show rather dictates that we don’t). This begs the reiteration of my question from last week: Is Sheldon asexual?

That aside, having sex with Christie leads to Howard missing Halo 3 Night and so Penny stepped in and played in his place. He also missed dinner, causing Sheldon to have a meltdown over how they could order their meals when their system for appetizers and entrees is predicated on having 4 people to split everything evenly. Penny was not invited to take Howard’s place for this outing due to the fact that she eats Chinese food with a fork and double dips her egg rolls. The fork thing doesn’t bother me, but don’t double dip. It’s just wrong.

The Good: Sheldon almost sitting on Penny’s head as she slept in on their couch. Did anyone else notice his bathrobe matched his pajamas? How perfect is that for the most obsessive compulsive character since Monk?

The Bad: Tonight’s episode did not even allude to Rajesh getting some form a lady bug last week, or the kiss between Penny and Leonard.  Sure, she was drunk, but still an awkward mention would have gone a long way for me.

The Funny: Penny: "She’ll have sex with anyone as long as they keep buying her things." Howard: "YAAAAY!" Also? Seeing Howard in Penny’s pink ruffled bathrobe.

The show ends with Christie and Howard presumably breaking up as she and his mother cannot get along. At least, I’m guessing that is what it means when your boyfriend’s mother calls you the hoo-ah of Babylon. Thus, the sanctity of Halo 3 Night is restored. This is proven when Penny shows up at their door with 3 attractive friends in tow and announces they all want to have sex, and not a single guy can take his eyes off the screen.  Which takes us back to the beginning of this recap: sex only acts as a successful diversionary tactic if the male has not already begun playing. Once the game has been entered, there is apparently nothing you can do.

Posted by:Jessica Paff