Metaphorically speaking, the Big Brother 10
house has had quite a few shakeups in its 19 days. None of them,
however, were quite as literal (or amusing) as seeing the house’s
reaction to the recent Los Angeles earthquake.

Before we get things shaking (get it? shaking? like the earthquake?
gosh, I’m clever) let’s do a quick recap of the past week: Keesha won
HoH and used her power to get revenge on those who wronged Steven,
namely Angie and Jessie, although she assured Jessie he wasn’t her true
target. Jerry and Memphis fought. Jessie lost his marbles and tried to
bully Keesha into nominating Libra in his place. Keesha won the veto
competition and unsurprisingly kept her nominations the same. There was
a banner, and a few houseguests lied about what it said.

Julie welcomes us to this week’s live show looking quite lovely. In
fact, there really isn’t anything about her appearance that I can mock,
which makes me blue. Doesn’t she know the pleasure I get from my weekly
dressing down of her, well, dresses? Sigh. She wastes no time getting
us into the action, which begins with an unfortunate montage of
Michelle freaking out about losing one of her very good friends. That
she’s known for 19 days. There are no words, so let’s just move on.
Jessie’s down in a different way, wondering what his alliance did wrong
to get targeted so early. I’d love to roll back the footage for him on
his entire week as Head of Household and let him know exactly what he
did wrong, but alas, I cannot. Memphis blames Jerry somehow, for simply
existing, I suppose.

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler