Big Brother 10
left us with a cliffhanger ending on Thursday. Or rather, a ledge hanger, as all the HGs held on to a railing against a wall while standing on a thin ledge mocked up to look like a building. Sometimes that building shook, sometimes it leaned further forward and sometimes they just blew sand in their eyes.

To continue to leave you hanging just a little longer, let’s go back to review what happened before the HoH competition began! HoH Keesha put up Angie and Jessie for elimination, leading Angie to stir up trouble where ever she could. Not very effectively, I might add, because she was voted out anyway, despite Jessie spending all of his time being a hugely over confident jerk. Also, Dan was made America’s Player for the week.

To get back to our HoH competition, Ollie mentions he’s afraid of heights. Which might have been more dramatic were they actually on a several storied building and not an intermittently moving platform that was maybe 6 feet above a giant cushion. Jessie take a moment to ask Renny if they are cool with each other and she assures him that they are, later admitting in confessional that she was just telling him what he wanted to hear.  Jerry is predictably the first to drop, quickly followed by Libra. Eventually Dan makes a big show of how his arms hurt and he can’t hold on. He admits that he was throwing another competition, but he tries to ham up his performance too much by acting dead armed and rolling on the ground like his legs are too weak. Libra doesn’t buy it at all.

One by one the HGs fall off until it’s just Renny and April battling for the big alliance, while Memphis, Jessie and Michelle remain. Until Jessie drops, that is, and later pouts in the DR about it being a "bogus competition". Whatever, sore loser. Memphis is the first to start asking about deals, but he’s pretty quickly shut down as no on else is at that point yet. Unfortunately, he is at that point and he drops not long after that. Dan offers Renny, Michelle and April motivational speeches to keep them all entrenched, which seems to work for awhile, despite their cookie cutter quality and overall goofiness.

Renny takes a moment to shake out her limbs, but misses her hand hold when she goes back to grab the railing again, and falls out. April and Michelle each hang on, but Michelle is clearly battling more then April. Michelle tells her she wants o see pictures of her family and April merely apologizes to her, saying she’s not going anywhere. eventually, the deal-making does begin. April promises Michelle that she will not put her up and to keep Jessie as well before Michelle finally drops. She curls  up and cries while Jessie consoles her. She doesn’t seem to be able to move her hands, which look purple.

Back in the house, April talks to Libra and Keesha about the deal she made with Michelle for her and Jessie and lets them know that Memphis is her target. It’s a plan they all seem to agree upon. Keep this in mind, as it will be important later.

The HoH reveal goes exactly as it always does. Everyone Ooos and Ahhhs over the photos and April gets a letter from her twin, who is pregnant. She alternately giggles and cries while reading it. Back downstairs, however, the game is on. Unfortunately, idiots are playing it. Keesha is hanging out with Memphis – you know, they one they agreed to target for eviction? She says that with Steven gone, she feels like he’s trustworthy. So…he’s runner up? Anyway, he agrees that in the game everyone needs people that they are not necessarily in an alliance with, but whom they can count on for PoVs and Votes. It’s like the BB version of friends with benefits?

Of course, this new friendship doesn’t go unnoticed. April and Libra talk in the kitchen about how Keesha has gone to the other side, despite their earlier conversation. April seems to think it’s an act of disrespect towards her and Libra does her usual by fueling the file of her discontent. April gets going and finally makes it clear that if Keesha is with Memphis, she will put them both up. Why she chooses to voice this plan in front of Renny, however, is beyond me.

Renny tells Keesha, of course. Keesha, however, can’t seem to think of why her being friendly with Memphis would cause a problem. Renny warns her that April will come after her and Keesha laments having not put April up on the block when she had the chance. Which…huh? Although, it would have made as much sense as the people she did put up. Keesha hisses through clenched teeth about how now she can see what type of people April and Libra are, and I realize that she may actually be certifiable.

Dan, as America’s Player, is giving his first assignment. Apparently, America doesn’t much care for Jessie’s attitude and want him out of the house. Dan is excited about the prospect of trying to make that happen and he kicks into gear to talk to April about that possibility. She barely even glances at him as he talks to her. She’s too busy applying her make-up. He insists that she has to put up Jessie because…well, just because, I guess. She remains non-committal until he goes away. At which time, she runs back to talk to Libra and Keesha about what he said to her. In a moment of stunning clarity, she tells them that she thinks Dan might be America’s Player.

In the way of house wackiness, Michelle puts on one of Renny’s wigs before joining Dan for some sunbathing and he tries to coach her on her pronunciation of "water" by using the word "turd" as his example for the type of ‘r’ sound needed at the end. Dialect humor never gets old does it? Of course it does – but I got to use the word "turd" in my recap, so it’s all good. 

In the shade, Keesha talks to Memphis about how, just like they did with Steven, the house is gunning for her because of her friendship with him. Maybe you should stop making friends with people who are on the block? He tells her that he knows he is going up and suspects it will be Jerry or Dan that joins him. She shakes her head no and Memphis asks her who she thinks it will be. She doesn’t say, but Memphis tells her it won’t be Jessie or Michelle because of the deal April made. Keesha looks confused and says she didn’t know there was a deal involving Jessie. And she doesn’t seem to be lying – so she’s either just as dumb as we all think or one damn fine actress. Guess which option gets my vote?

When the nominations do come down, however, I am rather surprised. Memphis does go on the block, but he is joined by Jessie. Jessie declares that his alliance sucks as he gets ready to face eviction yet again. April states that she didn’t break her word by putting up Jessie because she only promised to not put up Michelle, while only offering not to go after Jessie. Which…no. Yet, not even Michelle seems that angry with her for it.

So, what do you think the story is there? Did April break her promise or not? Is Michelle unconcerned because she knows that eventually Jessie will drag her down with him? Any chance of Memphis saving himself?

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Posted by:Jessica Paff