would like to teach us anything this season it’s this: a mother’s place is in the home and nowhere else. At least, that’s what it seems they are implying considering every question directed at mother Libra is about how horrible she is for leaving her children to come on a reality show. Lighten up, BB!

Before we get to the episode, let’s recap! Jerry totally lost his remaining marbles over Dan’s betrayal, Michelle won HoH and nominated Libra and Keesha, Jerry won POV and threatened to use it but ultimately did not, calling Dan "Judas" in the process, Keesha tried to turn Michelle against April, Libra revealed that Keesha was actually the mastermind of Jessie’s eviction.

Let me pause before beginning the recap to say…Julie looks absolutely lovely tonight! Sure, her sweater is a weird color of green and is strangely sparkly, but it works for her. Good job, Mrs. Chen. The taped package picks up right after the POV ceremony as the house reacts to Jerry’s insane speech. Dan tries to apologize but Libra cuts him off in disgust, saying "It’s just a game, guys." Preach it, Libra. Memphis is excited to finally have some evidence to illustrate his "Jerry sucks" theory and immediately goes to Michelle crowing about how Jerry needs to be taken out. Libra and Keesha attempt to console Dan, who acts sad around them but reveals in the diary room that he thinks everything is actually going his way. Is it? Really? Getting sympathy is not the same thing as gaining allies, Dan.

Also continuing on the hating bent is April, who is angry that Keesha isn’t getting any of the fallout for masterminding Jessie’s eviction. April bitches to Ollie about how Keesha is just super jealous of how awesome and pretty and perfect and smart she is, and that’s why Keesha hates her. The double take Ollie gives at this very matter-of-fact statement from April is priceless, but ultimately he says "yeah, yeah, yeah" in response, although his face is more like "Really?" Perhaps Keesha hates April because she makes statements like that. It’s just a theory I’m working on. While Dan and Memphis form a secret alliance to the end which they name the Renegades, April and Ollie start scheming about how they can get Keesha evicted instead of Libra. The problem? The vote hinges on Dan going against his alliance again, which April seems to think is no problem. Unfortunately they’re not aware of the Renegades in their midst! You see how I worked in that stupid alliance name, right there? I’m glad they didn’t call themselves the All Holy and Awesome Masters of the Universe. That would be a bit more awkward to work into a sentence, albeit a much cooler alliance name.

Libra approaches Dan about switching his vote to keep her in the house, and Dan weighs his options in the diary room, stating that if he votes Keesha to the jury at this point she will hold a huge grudge against him, but if Libra stays in the house that would leave a big target in there that would potentially deflect attention away from him for a few weeks. I admire his attempt to deflect attention away from himself at all costs, but I don’t necessarily think it is working. The boy is going to have to win an HoH competition sometime soon, or he’s going home. He’s under no one’s radar (unlike Ollie and Renny, who seem to be sitting very pretty at this point in the game.)

This week’s background package is all about Libra and her family’s reaction to the backlash against her for going on the show when she has such small children. Because this dead horse hasn’t been beaten enough already this season. Soon all is better, though, because we see her cute, cute babies! Squee! Sorry about that. I’m helpless against being cheesy when presented with adorable children. Her husband thoughtfully explains that he completely supported her decision to go on the show and to take the Hawaiian vacation instead of the letter from home. Then we see Libra’s family reaction to Michelle’s horrible words about Libra as a mother (calling her a skank and a whore and saying her children should be taken away) and needless to say, it’s pretty uncomfortable. Thank goodness her children are still too young to watch this show.

The houseguest Q&A this week centers around the main drama in the house right now: Dan and his religion. When Julie asks Dan if his faith affects his gameplay, he admits that it does but despite that he still hasn’t represented his faith perfectly and will be going to a marathon Confession session when he gets out of the house. When Jerry is questioned, he maintains that he feels Dan used religion as a prop and then stabbed him in the back. Shut your piehole, Jerry. Let me show you Natalie from last season and then we’ll talk about using religion as a prop in this game. Memphis then awkwardly says as long as Dan doesn’t hang himself like Judas everything will be cool, which made me extremely uncomfortable. Suicide is funny! Except not really, Memphis. He then mumbles something about personal attacks being bad, but I was still too distracted by the horror of his suicide sort-of joke to catch it. In the HoH room, Michelle says that she regrets her words about Libra in regards to her fitness as a mother, but maintains that she still should have taken the letter instead of the vacation. Bitterness runs deep in Rhode Island, apparently.

Now, the live vote! Unlike last week, I’m much less certain that the previous half hour was anything more than an attempt to create dramatic tension where there really is none…and my theory is right, with Libra being evicted 6-0. The best part of the very anti-climactic live vote is Ollie calling Julie "Mrs. Julie" instead of "Julie Mama" for once. Looks like someone got a talking to, huh? Libra leaves the house with a lot of class, telling her houseguests to "have a good time and enjoy this game." Not likely to happen, but a nice sentiment anyway, Libra. Her exit interview with Julie is equally classy, but the incessant focus on Libra leaving her children to come on the show is really starting to grate. Would a father of six-month-olds be asked these same questions? She handles the question with ease, saying that she left her family to hopefully do something for her family and win the $500,000. Sounds like a good enough reason to me. Now STOP ASKING HER ABOUT IT ALREADY.

This weeks HoH competition is called "Diary Room Confessions." It’s your basic "who knows their evicted houseguests best" game, with the houseguests having to guess which evicted houseguest said what in the diary room. The twist is that if you get a question right you can eliminate someone else from the game. If you get it wrong, you are eliminated. Renny gets the first question right and eliminates April. Dan gets the second question right and eliminates Jerry. Ollie answers before the next question is even finished being read and gets it wrong, eliminating himself. Genius move, Ollie. Memphis then gets one wrong and is out. Dan gets the next one wrong and is eliminated, which leaves Keesha and Renny to duke it out for the win. Then…Renny gets the final question right and wins! She is quite emotional about her win, but not in the annoying showboating way that most people are, which is refreshing. Silent tears I can take. Insane screaming and that awkward jumping/hugging combination I cannot.

What will Renny do? Considering her close ties with Keesha, I have a feeling things aren’t looking too good for April this week. What do you guys think?

Favorite Quotes:

  • "It’s because I’m prettier than her." – The ever-humble April, on why Keesha hates her
  • "She sounds like a hyena when she’s laughing. It’s deadly. It’s awful. I feel sorry for America who has to sit and listen to it as well." – April, who is apparently auditioning for Mean Girls 2
  • "Yeah, there’s that bipolarism." – Libra’s mother, in response to Michelle saying Libra should have her children taken away

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