Fate intervened to keep me away form Big Brother 10 last Sunday, but tonight I am back with the remaining HGs to play catch up!

Luckily, there is the handy dandy flashback sequence to give us a brief review! You know what we missed? Not much, as it turns out! The alliance of Dan, Memphis, Renny and Keesha worked just as planned to send Michelle and Ollie home, leaving Jerry to fend for himself. He did so well enough, winning HoH and immediately setting his sights on Dan. Memphis went to ask Jerry to keep Dan off the block, but instead made an alliance to Jerry to the final two. And then went and made the same alliance with Keesha. So, for those keeping track, Memphis has final two deals with everyone left in the house except Renny. And two of those went on the block, as Jerry nominated Dan and Keesha.

Dan DRs that he is glad to be up against Keesha and not Memphis, because it means the Renegades still have a chance. He mutters to himself "Let’s see what the magic man has left in his wand" and I reply "No one wants to hear about your wand Dan". Besides, no magic can help more then the PoV, which everyone agrees is more important than anything else this week.

Dan  goes to talk to Jerry in the HoH room and Jerry uses the time to try and stir up a pot of trouble by telling Dan that whatever alliances he thinks are in place are worthless because people can now smell the money. The best part about it all is how Jerry pantomimes smelling something, which Dan seems to find vaguely weird as he leaves soon thereafter.  Renny and Jerry chat and Jerry continues to stir, telling Renny that if Dan or Memphis win they may use the PoV and then she will have to go up on the block. This really gets under Renny’s skin as she stalks downstairs and announces this to Keesha like it is breaking news. Keesha only cares about being on the block right at that moment, so she’s not much of a sympathetic ear. Then again, in the best of circumstances she is still too self-absorbed to bother thinking about anyone else, so really this is no different whatsoever!

Out in the backyard, the guys catch sight of some skywriting. I can’t tell what it says and apparently neither can they, though Jerry falls in the pool trying to get a better view. Dan finds that to be hysterical, leading me to conclude that the old banana peel gag is probably high comedy to Dan. No one get him a whoopee cushion, he might give himself an aneurysm laughing. Dan decides to continue with things that he finds amusing by irritating Renny with the oh so hi-larious copy-cat game. Until she chokes him, which is when I finally laugh at something Dan did!

The PoV Competition sees all the HGs separated from each other in different rooms in the house, with Dan being brought to the yard first to try his hand at the task. It’s a puzzle game called Rock-A-Bye Baby, wherein all the HGs have been paired up and had their images combined to create some of the ugliest babies in the history of the world. The object is to correctly guess which two HGs were combined to create the spawn of Satan and buzz in to move on to the next image. Everyone seems to move through it pretty well, except Renny who is not only enchanted by the baby made by herself and Jessie (shudder) but also mistakes Jerry for EVERYONE ELSE. A mistake that is especially grievous since the baby in question has all of Jerry’s jowly wrinkles, white wispy hair (what little there is) and long old man ears.

The scores carry little in the way of surprise, as I pegged it to be down to Dan and Memphis. And in truth, there is only 8 seconds separating them. Steven would argue that 8 seconds is a lifetime, wouldn’t he? Rodeo fans, anyone? How do I know this information? GAH! Moving on, Memphis’s 2:50 time beats Dan’s 2:50 and far surpasses Renny’s 23:32, giving Memphis the PoV.

Keesha feels horrible that she lost the chance to save herself and Renny, but Dan is pretty thrilled with how things are working out. Memphis tells Dan to knock off his antics and also gets him to swear to vote for Memphis to stay if he ends up on the block and to not put him on the block if he wins HoH. Renny realizes what’s going on with Dan and Memphis, but Jerry is apparently much more in the dark. Keesha just comes right out and asks, leading Memphis to admit that he’s thinking of using the PoV on Dan. He quickly tries to explain to her his reasons, assuring her that he plans to keep her in the house but for that to happen he also has to keep Dan because Dan promised to vote the way Memphis wants him to. I am not sure Keesha manages to follow any of what he tells her.

Jerry and Memphis meet in the HoH room and Jerry tells Memphis he would be best suited by evicting Dan, because Dan could possibly win it all whereas Renny couldn’t. Memphis remains noncommittal to what Jerry has to say, leading Jerry to confess in the DR that if Memphis uses the PoV to save Dan, he will consider their alliance off. Since everyone else in the house knows Memphis will be using the PoV, I have to wonder if Jerry is just not very observant.

The PoV ceremony arrives, where we also find out it is Dan’s 25th birthday and he would really like to receive the PoV as a gift, but if he doesn’t, no hard feelings. Keesha echos the no hard feelings sentiment, but of course, we all know that this is just because they are all facing future jury members. Of COURSE there will be hard feelings! Hard feelings and deep seated desire to cause each other harm. That is why we watch! Anyway, Memphis DOES use the PoV to save Dan, forcing Jerry to put Renny on the block. And then begin to plan his retribution. Vying for the clueless crown is Memphis, who gives us a confessional in which he asserts a belief that Jerry still trusts him. Yeah, you and Dan. I bet he does!

So, Renny or Keesha – who is going home? Either way, we all win, because they are both annoying!

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Posted by:Jessica Paff