Fate intervened to keep me away form Big Brother 10 last Sunday, but tonight I am back with the remaining HGs to play catch up!

Luckily, there is the handy dandy flashback sequence to give us a
brief review! You know what we missed? Not much, as it turns out! The
alliance of Dan, Memphis, Renny and Keesha worked just as planned to
send Michelle and Ollie home, leaving Jerry to fend for himself. He did
so well enough, winning HoH and immediately setting his sights on Dan.
Memphis went to ask Jerry to keep Dan off the block, but instead made
an alliance to Jerry to the final two. And then went and made the same
alliance with Keesha. So, for those keeping track, Memphis has final
two deals with everyone left in the house except Renny. And two of
those went on the block, as Jerry nominated Dan and Keesha.

DRs that he is glad to be up against Keesha and not Memphis, because it
means the Renegades still have a chance. He mutters to himself "Let’s
see what the magic man has left in his wand" and I reply "No one wants
to hear about your wand, Dan". Besides, no magic can help more then the
PoV, which everyone agrees is more important than anything else this

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Posted by:Jessica Paff